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Show Off and Show How

Comment/How is a website for makers and by makers. We want to make it possible for you to show off the awesome things you've made and to share detailed instructions on how you made them. It's a place to brainstorm, to sketch out your great ideas, and to discuss with others how and how not to do things. Comment/How is a place to learn, to be inspired, to teach, and to inspire others – a place to revel in the creativity that is humanity's birthright.

Starving Artists & Well-Stocked Preppers, Welcome!

Human inventiveness and creativity run the gamut from creating sublime art to preparing to survive the coming apocalypse. In between there's lots of room for makers, artisans, inventors, crafters and the like to make life more comfortable, more delicious, more socially connected, more fun, and more beautiful.

That's why Comment/How lets you tag all your articles and tutorials with information about whether it's important for brute survival, social cohesiveness, self-actualization, living the good life, or just for fun and frivolity. Create and search for the stuff you're interested in and together as a community we'll assemble a well-rounded portfolio of our collective ingenuity.

New Technologies and Ancestral Lore

Comment/How is a place for exploring the newest scientific and technological breakthroughs, the avant-garde in art and fashion, the latest in culinary fusion. But it's also a place for documenting, honoring, and maybe even reviving the traditional and ancestral technologies that are our cultural heritage. It's important to preserve a record of these technologies before they disappear – because what might be an outdated way of doing things for you could be an as-yet-undiscovered solution to someone's urgent problem elsewhere in the world.

Sharing Knowledge in the Global Village

Tutorials in Any Language

Comment/How is committed to the global community of makers. We want this to be a place where people around the world can share and learn from each other. Even our name, Comment/How, is a bi-lingual double entendre, since the word "comment" means "discuss" in English as well as "how" in French.

We designed Comment/How to let you create tutorials in any of Earth's 7000 languages. Your articles will be searchable and discoverable by others who speak your language.

Creative Commons Licensing

Part of sharing knowledge means being able to reuse it easily. That's why all tutorials on Comment/How must be licensed under a select few Creative Commons licenses. This allows anyone to reuse the information that you publish on Comment/How, as well as allowing you to use the information that others have published.

Freely Translate and Modify

We built functionality into Comment/How to let you create a new copy of any Comment/How tutorial. That means you can take a tutorial that someone has made, copy it, make changes to your version, and publish it as a new tutorial. How you change your copy depends on you – whether it means translating it into your own language, modifying it to make it more relevant for your physical and cultural context, or just adding your own embellishments and flair.

Enriching Our Members and Our World

Enriching Our Members through Ad Sharing

Comment/How intends to monetize our service by displaying advertisements on our site. That means we're leveraging the knowledge and content that you create to pay for developing and hosting this website. But we'd also like you to be able to benefit financially from the content that you are making available to the world. That's why we've implemented an Ad Sharing model that has the potential to earn you some money too.

Enriching Our World through Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge is power, knowledge is wealth. Keeping our knowledge of techniques and processes to ourselves may give us a step up in competition and business, perhaps resulting in an increase in our personal wealth. Carried to an extreme, this tends to result in a handful of wealthy, powerful, knowledgeable elite surrounded by a world of poverty, misery, and ignorance. But it doesn't have to be that way. There's an alternative that we can each choose. We can choose to share.

There's a very real positive effect that comes about when we share our knowledge of techniques and processes for making and doing things. Other people think of things we haven't, they improve on our processes, they create interdisciplinary amalgams of ideas that we never could have thought of on our own. Science, technology, art, philosophy – all can advance by leaps and bounds when we feel free to share what we know.

The end result is that our whole society becomes richer, physically, socially, and spiritually. Everyone can benefit. And since we live in such an interconnected world, we can provide benefit not just to our own region or country but potentially to societies all over the planet.

Participating in the Comment/How community is a way of enriching your culture and your society, wherever you live in the world. You can be an example of how sharing what you know leads to a more open, cooperative landscape that benefits everyone.

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