Give Yourself a Woody (Build a Home Climbing Wall)


Give Yourself a Woody (Build a Home Climbing Wall)

  1. Holds can be made from just about anything.
  2. A "crack machine" is a simple addition that is great for practicing jamming techniques.
Known in the climbing community as a "woody", a (usually indoor) climbing wall constructed with plywood and bolted on holds, isn't too difficult to make. We made one in a basement for about seventy dollars and change (which we raised by selling other peoples' things on craigslist).

Things you'll need:

  • Some 3/4" plywood
  • Some 2x4s (or 2x6 or 2x8) for framing and such
  • 2" (or so) wood/drywall screws
  • 3/8" t-nuts
  • 3/8" hex cap bolts
  • Drill, hammer
  • Something soft to work as a crash-pad
  • Beer


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