Get rid of the 60Hz hum on a guitar.


Get rid of the 60Hz hum on a guitar.

Ok guys, here is a simple way to get rid of the annoying 60Hz hum that many guitar player will experience at one time or another. This hum is usually caused by a poorly grounded guitar. You will need a piece of wire, an alligator clip and some basic soldering skills.

So the main idea of this is to ground the guitar on the guitar player.

Step 1:

The stuff.

Material: - Wire
                - Alligator clip

Tools: - Screwdriver
            - Soldering Iron
            - Pliers
            - Wire Stripper (optional)

Step 2:

Let's do it!

1. Cut a piece of wire, you will need at least a 1 1/2 foot.
2. Cut a little piece of uninsulated wire to create a ring, make sure the ring fits in your pinky.
3. Get the alligator clip at one end of the wire and solder the ring at the other end.
4. Ready to play!

Step 3:

Use it!

First of all you'll want to get the clip on the bridge of the guitar. Then you can get the ring around your pinky. Enjoy your noiseless guitar.

I carry mine in my guitar case everywhere I play, this is an easy fix for a big problem.


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