Pumkin Laser Engraving


Pumkin Laser Engraving

If you have a laser machine i am sure that you already have expermiented a lot of materials, why not pumpkin?
In this tutorial i am going to give you the basis to engrave pumpkin as well as some stencils a pumking stand that you are going to need to engrave your pumpkin

This tutorial is also available in video (sorry for my bad english) if you fancy one :)

Step 1:

Watch the video

If you don't want to , it's fine, i am going to explain everything in the next steps :)

Step 2:

Make a pumpkin stand

Download the file (i add a .ai and a .pdf but if you need anything just let me know). This pumkin stand is going to make sure your pumkin is not going to move during the engraving process. Because a pumkin is round-shaped it might roll and damage you machine. You don't want that to happend.

It is basicly 3 horizontal board and 2 vertical one cut in 3 mm wood.

Step 3:

Choose a pumpkin and remove the inside

You are going to choose a pumkin that fits into your machine (mine was 6inches diameter) and that have a flat board.

This flat size will allows you laser to not defocus too much. If you only have perfeclty round shapes pumkin, it is not a big deal, you engraving or cut might be a little bit more bolder than expected.

Remove the inside of your pumkin to make sur there is nothng left in it. (i am not going to make a tutorial on it i am pretty sure you are better than me on this)

Step 4:

Make some tests

Because every laser machine is different i cannot tell you what are going to be your speed/power settings. The best thing to do is to engrave and cut a little design on your pumpkin.

During every test, note the settings and choose wich one gives you the best results.

Step 5:

Time to have fun!

Now that you know your settings, you can engrave or cut anything you like!

I am giving you a few designs so you can have fin but et me know what you've done!


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