School Bag Cum Study Table From Waste Carton Box.


School Bag Cum Study Table From Waste Carton Box.

In INDIA, we have like thousands of poor children who can't even afford a school bag or school study desk.

They can't even dream of buying any of these.

Though our government is doing a lot for educating those numerous poor children but still those have to carry their books in their hands and have to study on floor which results into their bad postural problems.

In this Comment/How-to i am sharing the idea of making SCHOOL BAG CUM STUDY DESK for poor kids from a simple waste carton ( cardboard box), which i long back shared with one NGO who works for welfare of such poor kids but i think helping someone without returns needs a sincere effort.

I sincerely hope, one of you will take this Comment/How-to to the needy and hope those poor kids won't suffer from more postural issues again and will get their personal school bag to carry their belongings easily.


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