Growing up as a child I found myself in a friends kitchen on more than one Sunday.

Eventually Yaya (greek for grandmother) put me to work in the kitchen with the rest of the family and kids. Years later I realized she had taught me how to work with the beast that phyllo dough can be, and to make Baklava without ever seeing her actual recipe.

This is a Pretty common desert to most of the Mediterranean, and Middle East. The Common components are the flaky dough layers, sugar and spiced nuts.

This is not Yaya's recipe I don't think she shared that with anyone that was not directly related to her and getting married, this is my approximation.

What I am demonstrating is dangerous to do with a new non borosilicate pyrex pan. Pyrex brand is no longer Boro its now tempered glass and there is a very real possibility the hot syrup into hot glass causes a thermal catastrophe.

I am really showing this portion as a preservation of the "old way" You may want to follow this recipe and the syrup directions from another one to match your metal or new glass pan.


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